Residents comments from the CNP Launch

Local economy

Resident’s comments consisted of 0 comments sheet and 97 post it notes. The majority of comments were simple statements some offered more than one comment. There can be seen to be much repartition with the Living and Community and Wellbeing comments
Each comment has been subdivided into categories, however there may be overlap on some subjects.

NB: These comments have not been edited

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Ideas for CNP to take forward

Care needs to be taken to ensure promoting economy doesn't exacerbate parking and traffic problems in Chinnor

Emphasis on independent/local businesses other than chains

Talk to AROCHA before letting the building contracts

Why not "encourage" "force" Taylor Wimpey into building upon the lakes development, use ALL the land allocated at the lakes other than take green sites

Ensure Taylor Wimpey stop promising and not delivering Kiln Lakes should be made into a nature area as promised or stop TW developing locally

Encourage Taylor Wimpey to make safe the lakes in Chinnor for wildlife birds etc. to bring revenue into the village

Recognisable centre of village with space for social gathering events

We need fibre optic network

Shops need positioning in the centre of the village

Parking where is it?

Encourage support for Post Office as we don't have a bank
We need a bank (x7)

We need another chemist
Please another chemist


Encourage all to cycle into the shops
More cycle park places
Cycle path to Thame

NHS dentist (x9)
A good dentist

Bus to Aylesbury calling at Stoke Mandeville also to other hospitals
Put more money into the community bus to enable OAP or disabled to get to Stoke Mandeville instead of going by bus
NHS centre to house all doctors + physio, eyes, ears
Health centre (x2)
Another Doctors
More doctors

Wind turbine to earn funds for Chinnor

Family pubs and Restaurants
Family pub on new estate
Family pub with food
We need a restaurant
How many restaurants do weed need? Surely not 2 fish and chips need healthy food

Local Business and Tourism
Homeworker office space with coffee and networking area
Business premises, joined in accommodation as new builds work
Business rates should be halved
Develop hotel, restaurants, retail near the lakes area
More opportunities for start-up businesses, maybe as pop-up shops for Chinnor residents as in Didcot
Signpost village from the Ridgeway and promote refreshments available from village centre etc.
Hostel for walkers
Small craft area (like a stable yard for several business)
Lotti's to be used as a pop in shop
Local B and B's for when we have family reunions
Another business centre like Saunderum House
Halve business rates to encourage small businesses
Paths and Pavements
Off road cycle/walk paths
Parks and open spaces
Cut back hedge to show the sports park open space - open space in Chinnor
Develop lakes into parkland/ leisure area
Convert one of the "recs" into a proper park to be enjoyed by all ages


Schools needed


Supermarket needed as Co-op is not up to the job
Another supermarket to rival Co-Op shop
We need another supermarket Co-op is not enough
Supermarket to compete with Co-op for improved pricing
Don't need 2 fish and chip shops
DIY shop (x5)
Parking near Chinnor Centre or shops
Workshop muse
Small business stable type for deli , dentist, cycle shop
Drop off point for parcels/deliveries
People stopping using the shopping parade as hard to park
Pet shop since closure of garden centre
Greengrocer (x3)
Shops around semi-circle from Post Office to Drs turning around present shops with parking in the centre
Weekly market
Trekking walking business
No Tesco or other big supermarket to kill local shops
More co-operative options for those limited to the village
We don't need any more shops
Food shops near to new developments
Improved food shopping
More shops as long as there is sufficient parking

Sport and leisure
Outdoor table tennis
We have enough football pitches
Create a bowl rectangle pitch- (SIC)

More B and B's for Ridgeway walkers and cyclists in Chinnor
Tourist bus to run between windmill, church and railway
Walkers, cyclists, do they know Chinnor is here?
Advertise the village centre
Make the lakes a nature reserve and encourage visitors
Turn old rectory into a Youth Hostel (x2)
Turn Old Rectory into hostel for hikers

Ring road to M40
Do not reduce public transport extend to weekends
Help railway finish off their link to Risborough

Village feel and needs
History walks/talks
Interest walks/talks
Advertise specialist event talks on matters of interest
Turn old rectory garden into a quiet area for relaxation
Create a "quiet garden" similar to the Lyde Garden (Bledlow) perhaps in the rectory grounds
Create a quiet garden in the rectory grounds
Free entertainment for youngsters and community
Use Lotti's for the 3 churches, family worker as a drop in centre
Most of the idea's here have been in in Chinnor before, expanding the village will have only one solution, it will turn into a cesspit

Young Villagers
Decent coffee shop especially to appeal to younger residents - village centre seen for old people
Play areas in new development

Spoilt post-it notes
More parking More doctors  More shops - High Street, (unreadable),Garden Centre, by chip shop Tourism will bring problems of high (unreadable)

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