Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan Review 2018

Why Chinnor needs to undertake a Site Allocation review:

In the closing stages of the preparation of Chinnor's Neighbourhood Plan (CNP) - a Ministerial Statement called for Neighbourhood Plans to contain nominated development sites to strengthen the Plan.

The CNP did not allocate sites because two preferred sites (CHI 7 and CHI 8) plus one reserved site (CHI 20) had already been granted planning permission. Rather than delay the CNP it was decided to proceed without allocating sites and then review the Plan after its adoption to meet this requirement. It was understood that such a review would be a proportional task requiring an amendment/update and not the production of an entirely new plan. Several positive meetings with SODC, Chinnor Parish Council and the Steering Group have recently taken place and work has now commenced on the preparation of the Site Allocation requirement.

We hope to get the review adopted at the earliest opportunity to gain the maximum control