Residents comments from the CNP Launch


Resident’s comments consisted of 1 comments sheet and 66 post it notes. The majority of comments were simple statements. There can be seen to be much repartition with the Living and Community comments sheets. 

Could someone offer an explanation to “Tree community forests?”

Surprisingly there was no mention of bus services which are vulnerable in Chinnor
Each comment has been subdivided into categories, however there may be overlap on some subjects.

NB: These comments have not been edited

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Requests to CNP to take forward

When planning houses ensure good % of open spaces
Eco friendly but nice looking houses

Decisions to be made openly, floodlights was a surprise
Need biodiversity plan?

Maintain our green spaces within the village and expand towards Thame
Keep green areas, important for wellbeing
Green areas in new developments
Children’s playgrounds in new developments
Need to ensure our open spaces are protected for future generations

Elderly and vulnerable
Need the care home that is proposed on the Kiln Lakes estate
Accommodation to look after our elderly residents and family moving Chinnor
Nominated safe haven places i.e. shops for elderly/vulnerable to go to when in need and out and about
More money is needed for activities for older people.


Bring back at least one bank
We need a bank (x2)

Chemist (x2) if only for competition to improve service and customer satisfaction

Provide a community area at Old Kiln Lakes

More community events like Remembrance Day when everyone gets together
Tree community forests
How can we help people on the new Old Kiln Lakes estate - it's very isolated up there?

NHS dentist (x4)

Another Doctors surgery
Increase the number of GP's (3) difficult to get an appointment
Doctor’s surgeries to be open all 5 days not close half day on Tuesday especially if more people moving into Chinnor
Medical Centre to cope with expanding population to include a chemist
Medical facilities to match the number/needs of a growing village
Multidiscipline Health centre (x2), physio and dialysis
Wellington House doctors practice needs to open Tuesday afternoon

Fear of crime
Youth club better supervision to reverse growing anti-social behaviour problems
Noise management

Local Business
One fish and chip shop is enough
A greengrocer

Natural environment
Maintain Chiltern Hill views (x2)
Paths and Pavements
Access to the Phoenix trail from Chinnor
Access to Phoenix trail for cyclists and walkers
Access to the Phoenix trail would be a great business boost

Parks and open spaces
Maintain open spaces for flora and fauna - not to exercise dogs
Move football out of town so everybody can enjoy the park
Open space preservation

Open Chinnor Windmill more often to attract visitors to the village

If more houses are being built we would need more schools.
If the housing in the village expands Chinnor will need a secondary school

Sport and leisure
Yes football catered for, not much else!
Provide a sports area at Old Kiln Lakes
Sports centre (x2) Old Kiln Lakes
A marked out running track (x2)
Sports centre if we get 160 more houses
Village walking programme with a leader, organised weekly
Tai Chi or yoga outside facility slightly covered

Village feel and needs
Improved opportunities for all age groups to mingle
Estimated increase in births by age of potential new residents, but will they stay?
Encourage a pub chain/developer to build a purpose built family orientated pub with good parking - carvery all day, all week.
Pub family restaurant serving high quality food (etc. Wheatsheaf)
Need to bring Old Kiln Lakes into the village
Need to support St Andrews pool more
Need to support library more
Need to support post office more
When we moved in there were 7 pubs now there are 3. It is very important that we make sure we don't lose any more. They are an important part of the village
Fund the village centre more with an undercover outdoor area for dog walkers
Larger library
Increase hours library is open for a larger community
Provide a nature trail around Chinnor, linked to history

Village maintenance and council
Need to maintain allotments, sports facilities and develop Kiln Lakes as was proposed years ago

Young Mums
Coffee shop for young mums as an alternative to the village centre
Young Villagers
Somewhere for youngsters
Work for youngsters
Projects for youngsters
More money is needed for activities for younger people.
Village badge stating young people hitch hiking to Thame it is safe to accept a lift
Youth club once a week is not enough for our young people, better facilities needed.

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