Residents comments from the CNP Launch

Living & Community

Residents comments consisted of 6 comments sheets and 68 post it notes. The comments sheets were seen to provide more detail as the post it notes were generally over brief statements. In some cases locations were stated where issues arose and others less informative.

To some extent the wording of the Chinnor Living & Community PowerPoint information has promoted residents on what to comment about, pavements for example has an unexpectedly high number. Whereas the unmentioned objective “To help to create safe places for people to use and for businesses to operate, to reduce anti-social behaviour and reduce crime and the fear of crime” has only been commented upon by one resident.

Each comment has been subdivided into categories, however there is overlap on some, such as the heading pavements where some issues here belong in village maintenance. It is questionable that village maintenance is a matter for the Neighbourhood Plan since these issues should be addressed by SODC. Where identical comments have been seen these are numbered in brackets.

NB: These comments have not been Edited

Further feedback would help the CNP Steering Group in compiling the informaton gathered into the CNP. Contact via our Contact Tab above:

Requests to CNP to take forward

Undertake a village wide survey of facility needs and usage

Focus on a few high quality facilities rather than a range which may be lower quality
Infrastructure should be addressed before new houses are built
Develop a biodiversity plan with a conservation group

Bench seats
Bench seats in the village near the shops
More seats for the disabled - possibly sponsored
More seats in the playing field

Broadband & Wi-Fi
High speed broadband (x2)
Wife needed in the library
Village Hall Wi-Fi to be public not private
Free Wi-Fi

Cycle path connecting the Phoenix trail (x2) from Elderdene to north of Henton
Cycling in the village is too dangerous
Cycle ways/paths in the village
Safe cycle paths for children

Local energy generation
Solar farm instead of homes
Fear of crime
Better lighting on (illegible) e.g. park, do not feel safe walking the dog.

Promote healthy living

Local Business
Promote local goods
Small hotel or B & B for tourists
Tourist office

Natural environment
Wildlife sanctuaries
Wildlife conservation
Join nature reserves together to prevent isolation and isolation of species such as those that like chalk grasslands
Nature reserve at Old Kiln Lakes (x2) with paths for walkers and picnic area
Promote eco living
Red Kite viewing hut at the top of Chinnor Hill

Paths and Pavements
Rethink pavements, could we manage with pavements on one side of the road only?
Need a pavement in Station Road from the Crown to the station
Improve pavements (x2) all need repair (x2)
Hedgerows over pavements are an issue (x2)
Parking on pavements an issue (x3)
Better signage to show which pavements are cycle paths
Cyclists on pavements an issue
Higher kerbs in the High Street to stop vehicles mounting pavements due to parking
Ban parking on pavements
Lower Icknield Way pavements too narrow (x3) between Red Lion and clothing shop
Church Road pavements too narrow
Pavements too narrow
Pavements are impossible with one child in a buggy and one walking
Pavement to Henton too dangerous
The Ridge footpaths need looking after
Request a footpath to Crowell
Access to Whites field with a buggy
Kissing gate by the windmill
Better footpaths from new estate to Glynswood

Parks and open spaces
Open spaces (x2)
Turn the western Station Road pitch into a garden
More green open spaces but not for football
A park for all ages (x2), without football
Picnic tables and BBQ pits at top recreational field
A park with shelter for the elderly
A park/area for elderly to practice yoga or Tai Chai

New facilities to have better parking
More parking in Chinnor
More and safe parking by the village centre and shops
A by-pass
Traffic calming, speed humps ignored by drivers (x2)
Use pinch points to calm traffic
One way system up the High Street not wanted
One way system up the High Street wanted x2
Traffic calming chicane to ease road crossing
Too much traffic along Oakley Road and Station Road
No busses through High Street especially double decker school buses -Children have perfectly good legs and can walk to Thame Road

Sport and leisure
Small swimming pool (x2)
A larger swimming pool
Outdoor Bowles on the sports field
Sports (leisure) Centre  (x3)
All weather sports facilities
The sports field was left by Mr Benton for all how dare they rail off the pitches
Squash courts
Benton Fields for all not just football (x2)
Tennis is too expensive
Schools should have tennis courts
Skate park for the young (x2)
Athletics field for the young
Muti use group area

Village feel and needs
Chinnor should remain a village
Community hall in Whites field, with Wi-Fi
Nothing for single people of any age
Another doctors sugary
A weekly market
Dog playground area with obstacles etc. with paddling pool to cool down after walks
No more houses
Retain village, not a town
Old Kiln Lakes more facilities garden/play area.
Better choice of restaurants, coffee shop
Another chemists
An NHS dentist
Village maintenance
Playing field tree roots dangerous
Street cleaning an issue (x2)
Drains need attention
Council cut grass should be removed not left to blow in the wind
Young Villagers
Facilities for young people to keep them engaged within the community
Free entertainment for youngsters and community
Better play area in Old Kiln Lakes

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