Residents Comments from the CNP Launch


Development sites

  • Developments should be towards M40, west of Chinnor, as most traffic heads that way 
  • Land towards Sydenham/Mill Lane would be best site as traffic also heads towards Thame/M40 north
  • New buildings to go on brown field sites
  • Our government stated that global warming etc. has been brought about by building over green field sites. Therefore it seems that build over brown field not green site
  • No more housing behind Greenwod Ave – spoiling views, increasing population and traffic
  • Prefer smaller sites than 2 bigger sites
  • Building on garden centre is good idea
  • Mill Lane/Thame Road site and old garden centre site enough development
  • One large development instead of lots of small ones. Situate nearer Thame Road as less congestion with new housing feeding onto a main road
  • Garden centre site – why only 45 when Mill Lane field proposed 79? (appealed and rejected)
  • Why not have more houses built on the Chinnor garden centre? I think smaller sites are better
  • Would like 1 large housing development near to the old garden centre
  • Build on brownfield sites
  • Garden centre – 40; Mill Lane – 30
  • Build on brownfield sites
  • New housing on all available ‘brown sites’ FIRST
  • Protect the Chilterns and wildlife. Build houses on brownfield sites. Protect our area of ONB. Don’t build on greenfields
  • Housing to be built on ‘brown site’ – not more green belt
  • Several smaller sites are better than 1 or 2 big sites Infill sites
  • Infills should be included in the number of properties built
  • Individual housing developments MUST be included in quota
  • Why can’t we count the infill sites towards the 160?
  • Infill and brownfield sites first for development before looking at greenfield sites

What sort of housing?

  • Second stage houses for couples who were first time buyers and then start their families and need more space but not a mansion!
  • New small housing, NOT FLATS
  • Warden controlled sheltered housing
  • Sheltered accommodation for elderly and shared ownership for 1st time buyers
  • One bedroom apartments for single people
  • Would like 2 bed affordable houses to allow people to downsize
  • More smaller housing for the elderly
  • Need more starter homes and housing for the aged
  • More ‘smaller’ houses and bungalows
  • More 1 bed apartments for first time and elderly buyers
  • Variety of choice in number of bedrooms
  • What about public section – shared ownership
  • 2 bed houses for people to downsize so affordable
  • Shortage of apartments and where would it go for younger people
  • 3 generation house needed – 4 beds
  • More housing for the aged and young first time buyers
  • More rentable property
  • Larger semi-detached houses. More affordable for 2nd house
  • There should be more retirement properties and starter homes – mix of flats and small house works
  • More sheltered housing at reasonable prices
  • 2 storey, 2 beds, small garden, parking – for older people
  • Smaller house for aged
  • Good size 2 bedroomed houses so we can downsize and release some larger family homes
  • Downsizing in all circumstances needs to be encouraged
  • Don’t give permission for bungalows to be converted to houses. There are not enough bungalows in the village


Affordable housing

  • New housing must include ‘affordable’ homes – realistic prices – not what has currently been termed affordable (£100,000-£150,000)
  • More affordable housing for single people
  • Affordable houses but not a large separate estate – integrate
  • More housing has to come, but err on the so called affordable end of the market for local 1st time buyers
  • Should not sell off council housing
  • Find ways to keep affordable/social housing that way
  • Mix of housing on different sites – need to include affordable homes for young people
  • Social housing in previous developments has not worked as these people are isolated from their families elsewhere
  • 2 bedroomed houses on Kiln Lakes are too expensive for down sizers
  • Housing will be unaffordable so only housing association will be able to afford to buy
  • There needs to be a government scheme which helps people get on the housing ladder – we need this now




Space & Services

  • Reasonable sized rooms in new housing not rabbit hutches; also reasonable gardens/space
  • Every house should have space around it in an ideal development in my view. I’d rather have more land with spaced out housing devoted to development than try to bunch houses together

Materials & style

  • Brick and flint
  • Insist on brick and flint walls
  • Traditional building style essential, in keeping with existing mix in Chinnor
  • No need to have specific identity
  • House should be developed with character! 

Who for?

  • Prioritise new developments for local people
  • Local people especially young get priority
  • Social housing should be given priority to those who have family links to the village
  • Priority for the young is fine but what about the old?
  • Priorities some housing for local - both young and old
  • There should definitely be more affordable housing for young people (couples) who have probably lived her for all or most of their lives, to encourage them to stay here, as our countryside is so beautiful. As there is also so many clubs and interesting events to go to, why would they want to live anywhere else.
  • Starter homes for people with local connections – excellent idea
  • Housing for young families and Chinnor people
  • Priority for locals
  • Local people should take priority for social housing
  • Local people to be given 1st choice of new houses
  • Local people should be given 1st choice on new homes. Feel the point system is not working for Chinnor families
  • Affordable homes for local people
  • Priority should be given to local people and those with local connections

Creating new communities

  • Development in planned ‘communities’ in small areas
  • 2 bed houses in mixed community to encourage ages mixed
  • If flats were built in small blocks for couples – young and old. Mix the generations
  • Affordable houses together in small groups


  • Rainwater drainage at Station Road roundabout & Doveleat/High Street
  • Sewage
  • Sewage system will require major overhaul before any more large developments
  • Bigger drains
  • Public toilet provision
  • Parking
  • Make sure there is enough parking per new house, 2 is just not adequate
  • Increase parking at side of new Rectory. Put gate through the Presewath (?) wall as access to new Rectory
  • Reasonable amounts of parking with developments, not 2 spaces with 6 bed house
  • No more house/flat planning without parking for the house or flat
  • More space for parking


  • Housing to be aware of increasing impact on traffic – doctors, nurses and emergency services need to be able to travel/park easily
  • We do not need any more houses. Chinnor is a village not a town. Houses on the Kiln Lake estate are still not sold so why more?? Even with the new house the infrastructure has not been increased. There are no further schools, services, recreational facilities or better road system.
  • Chinnor is a small village with inadequate infrastructure as it is. The roads are poor. Why can’t the target of 150 houses be given to Didcot with far better transport links
  • More houses means more school places. Means new secondary school
  • Near to bus routes
  • Housing for aged needs improved transport services – the new development at Old Kiln Lakes should address this?
  • Don’t block busy roads like Mill Lane with houses next to school
  • Keep traffic to the edge of the village if at all possible




  • We should develop bio-diveristy plan for the village! Taking into account nature/open spaces/wildlife
  • Should also be carbon neutral – solar/wind/ground source etc.
  • Stop squeezing houses in. It may be commercially profitable but it is not adding to wellbeing
  • Too many houses destroying great sites!