Residents comments from the CNP Launch

Traffic & Transport 

The heart of the village is bounded by the square consisting of Station Road, Lower Road, High Street and Church Road. Residents from the village use these roads to access the facilities which exist within it or close by. Shops, doctors, library, schools, the Village Centre/Hall and churches. It also forms part of the bus routes which service the village. All four roads have cars parked at some point, leading to congestion at peak times in particular and during the day to a lesser extent.  

In addition to traffic generated by the residents, the village, due to its location, attracts through traffic to and from the M40, Thame, High Wycombe and Princes Risborough, the main flow being between the M40 and Princes Risborough. The principal route for this traffic uses Lower Road and Station Road.  Traffic between Thame and the M40 is not insignificant, adding more to the Station Road volume and congestion on Thame Road.

In all the amount of traffic using the two main roads puts considerable pressure on the two junctions which service them. The Mill Lane cross roads and the Oakley Road roundabout are of some concern to the residents.

This inevitably has lead to traffic diverting along High Street or Mill Lane to avoid either congested roads or queues at the junctions. Neither of these options is desirable.

It is of concern that the additional housing, commercial and retail expansion in Thame, plus the unknown but potentially large expansion of Princes Risborough, will add considerably to the existing problems in Chinnor.

There is no evidence that any of the recent major planning applications have taken these future demands on our infrastructure into account.

It is vital that planning applications bring this to light in their Traffic Assessments. In addition the assessments should also give figures for all major routes and junctions within and on the outskirts of the village.

Lower Icknield Way has been highlighted as a particular hot spot by residents. There is concern regarding safety, pavements, parking, speed bumps, speeding, HGVS  and congestion. This road carries the Princes Risborough traffic and is extremely sensitive to any further increase in volume. Access whether on foot or by car was also noted as poor for residents of Old Kiln Lakes. Lack of parking generally for amenities, but in particular for shops and doctors comes top of the list.

Suggestions have been made by residents to alleviate the traffic problem including: parking/speed restrictions, one way system, a bypass and direct access to the B4009 from Old Kiln Lakes.

The main roads around the village centre and beyond are deemed unsuitable for cyclists whether for pleasure or as a means of transport. Access to Thame as the nearest town for schools, shopping and employment, Princes Risborough and Lewknor for rail and bus links would benefit from the addition of suitable cycle paths.

A cycle link to the Phoenix trail and improving use of the westward Icknield Way could provide a solution to some of these problems.

For pedestrians within the centre of the village areas of concern include narrow/unmaintained pavements and insufficient Zebra crossings. Beyond the village the absence of any paths along the B4009 has been criticised.

The transport services, while seemingly under threat, may not answer the requirements of the village. Improved access to Princes Risborough, Lewknor, Stoke Mandeville among others have been requested. There are no evening services.

While we are blessed with fine surrounding countryside with easy access and footpaths, we could do a lot more to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport in order to go about their day to day . To do this, better and more convenient facilities are required.

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