Residents Comments from the CNP Launch

Environment / Countryside & Our Heritage

 New Homes (7 comments)
All new homes should be Environmentally friendly in all respects to our local environment

Roads and Drainage (4 comments)
Must be drained properly to save road repairs due to water errosion
Ditches cleared
Road marking made good
Traffic calming improvements

Footpaths (5 comments)
To be improved and maintained
New developments will need new footpaths
Current footpaths to be refurbished and repaired some considered unsafe
Footpaths enhanced to accommodate baby buggies and disabled pavement vehicles

Cyclepaths (2 comments)
Twin with Haddenham and meet up with the Phoenix Trail which is the link through to Thame

Heritage / History / Visitors (19 comments)
Information boards covering useful information for visitors to our Area Of Outstanding Beauty.
Topics for consideration:
Train track to Aston Rowant together with the extention to Princes Risborough providing a daily service (not the steam trains) which will reduce traffic and encourage cycling
History of Chinnor from ancient time to now displays in the Chinnor Village Hall, Chinnor Village Centre.  Possible small museum
Enactments of the Chinnor timber craft, bodgers, turners, horses, kites, haymaking, hill forts and our local barrows.
Chilton Hill Views must be protected from development and on plans

Greening (21 Comments)
Wild life corridor protection
Tree and flower meadows between proposed development sites
Footpth and cycle ways to all facilities within the village
Reduce car journeys by providing cycle parking areas
Tree Preservation Orders on all mature trees
Hedgerows maintained around football areas so that villages are no longer subject to threatening behaviour by players, or suffer abuse and noise
No more football pitches
More quiet areas with appropriate seating
All age fitness equipment
Bee keeping areas

Dog related (4 comments)
More dog waste bins particularly on the Ridgeway path
Additional "Responsible dog owner" notices

Litter (3 comments)
Majority of villagers are concerned at behaviour blackspot areas*
More PSO patrols
Football pitch Users to clear up their debris at the end of a match / training session
Bins to be emptied by the relevant teams
Pitches to be inspected after use

 *Since the CNP Launch on the 2nd July throughout the summer the behaviour blackspot areas have suffered an increase in anti-social behaviour and many using the open areas in and around Chinnor have taken to clearing up after this small percentage of irresponsible residents

Employment Strategy (5 comments)
Due to the ageing workforce Nationally there are thousands of job vacancies, Chinnor is no different in this regard and new housing developments should include suitabe housing for Farm and Outdoor workers, Micro Business and Lock-ups. Must be in the Plan to safeguard Chinnor's Heritage and the next generation.

Energy (6 comments)
Sustainable energy needs to be encouraged but not at the loss of farm or Chilton View Lands.
Public buildings, New Builds, future Planning Applications to demonstrate and be encouraged to include sustainable energy methods.

Recycling (2 comments)*
Improve plastic bag recycling
Shared wheely bins where appropriate
New storage design solutions to be included at Planning Stage**

*Since the CNP Launch on 2nd July all residents in Chinnor have been advised of the additional new recycling collections for small items by our Waste Provider and notices were issued to every household.

**This now has Government backing

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